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The glow scrub is packed with benefits for your body! Not only does it heal stretch marks & cellulite, but it kills bacteria, eczema, skin pigmentation, psoriasis, , wrinkles, scars, firms body, leaving skin smooth and soft to the touch, beyond smooth ! 

No chemicals ! Only the finest, organic essential oils used in our products to penetrate the skin


how to use : use a small to mix sounds amount and scrub all over the body or areas you would like to target, using soft to medium circular motions for about a minute. Let product sit 3-5 minutes before washing off. 

Follow up with our glow butter directly after !



Organic coffee, Diatomaceous  earth, Organic sugar, coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, rosemary, vitamin A, vitamin E,Argan oil,lavender, rosemary, cedar oil, grapefruit oil, sweet almond, grape seed oil



due to high heats during shipping product may melt since we only use natural organic ingredients & no chemicals. 

Please place your glow products in the freezer for 20 minutes minimum, then take out and let cool to room temperature before using 


please store in a cool area at all times 

2500 5000

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