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2 for 1! 
Butt & breast enhancing + glow butter 


Our crowd favorite 😁

One of the main ingredients is “ fenugreek  “ which is highly known for plumping, lifting &  firming the butt & breast. 

Fenugreek combined with the other key oils in this product work amazing together and all have the same benefit which is enhancing these body parts.

why have one key ingredient when you can have five ?!?

Not only does it do all of the above but it also leaves glowing skin, fades stretch marks & cellulite while nourishing the skin with organic oils . 

Its vegan as well as all of our other products 🌱


you must use this product for two-three weeks before seeing results !

How to apply: apply enhancer with long upward motions from thigh up to the waistline Upward motions from under boob to above

No circular motions or downward.

Apply morning after showering & night before bed.




All natural & organic ingredients only

No chemicals or preservatives


Ingredients: fenugreek oil , nutmeg oil,  macadamia oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, rose hip seed oil, rose Mary, Argan, Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter

Consult with a physician if pregnant or nursing & those with nut allergies as well.


all products must be set in in freezer for At least 20 minutes , then set on the counter until they reach room temperature ( due to natural oils with no chemicals during shipping product may melt, but that’s ok ! They work the same and have the same benefits ) 

place products in a cool dry area 


Butt enhancer combo
6000 8000

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